Friday, September 21, 2007


Complaining post 31,875:

So today I was being "trained" (ie, subjected to a long diatribe about something or other that I would learn better by doing rather than watching and half-catching everything the trainer was saying at warp speed). My brain decided to remember at that moment that I needed to change my site - and sho' 'nuff, I was out of insulin! I excused myself from the group quietly and dashed over to my desk.

I was rushing so as not to miss anything important. The site was in, all was well, and I turned to go. Somehow, my fingers got caught in the pump tubing....YANK. That site came out so easy it wasn't even funny! Guess the adhesive really needs time to start sticking. So, rushing again (because I learn from my mistakes, y'know) I put in another site pretty close to the old one. The adhesive on the second site covers the blood welling up from the previous site.

I go back to the training and think I'm good until I realize that there is blood seeping through the adhesive and onto my - of course - white shirt.


Moral of the story: Always, always pack two site changin' sets in your purse. Cos if I hadn't today, I would've been up the poop creek paddleless.

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Jenni said...

Ugh, that stinks! I change my site infrequently enough and have good enough (read: incredible) insurance that I'm able to keep an entire box (the cardboard kind that they ship a 3 month supply of site changes in) of supplies at work and still have enough at home. Anyway, point being that I definitely agree that more supplies around are better! Have a great weekend! I hope the blood comes out of your shirt :)