Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Justa grumble.

At work.

Just ran out of test strips.

Am worst diabetic ever.

Two hours to go.

Readings today: 70, 260 (DAMN YOU BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!!! DAMN YOUUUUU!), 190, haha dumbass, you're all out of test strips.

Lessons learned: Seriously Kendra, you can't eat muffins. Or scones. Or danishes. Any breakfast pastry you see is cackling in sweet, merciless glee at your attempts to bolus for its sinful carb count. Just back away from the doughnut lady, and no one gets hurt.


Danae said...

I did this with cereal yesterday. I don't know why - the previous two times I ate it post-diagnosis did not go well. But I just really WANTED it, you know? So I ate a cup of Special K Red Berries and 2 hours later...211. Lovely! At least it felt really bad this time which should help me remember that it's not worth it when I'm tempted in the future.

Kendra said...

Aw man! I have been able to have that cereal before with not too much of a problem...but cereal is notoriously blood-sugar-spikey. :(

Major Bedhead said...

O hates most cereals, too - they always make her spike. Even when she boluses correctly, they send her flying.

Bring an extra bottle of test strips and stash them in your desk - provided you have them to spare, of course.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Cereal kicks my ass every time. Unless it's like...shredded wheat or something like that. And really, shredded wheat? That's punishment in itself!

I feel so damn vulnerable when I run out of test strips anywhere.

Kendra said...

Julia - That would be the sensible thing to do, wouldn't it? Probably why I haven't done it yet.

Scott - FROSTED shredded wheat is fine. Too bad about the "frosting" part...