Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diabetes in the office

It's been our busy season at work, so teh blog is getting ignored big time...but I did want to record the fact that I just met another person with diabetes in my office. He's a building operations manager - ie, runs around like crazy all the time. I went into the pantry to fill up my water bottle and I heard him discussing control solution with someone else.

I couldn't help myself so I interrupted (mostly to admit I haven't used control solution for ohh...5 years or so). He's Type II and is an older gentleman, so how we control our diabetes is very different (and I believe our understanding of the disease is different also - he's dead set on following this 2000 calorie diet, not so much on counting carbohydrates). Still so cool to meet someone else who deals with the big "D" on a daily basis.

Okay, back to the grind. Almost...over...I think...gasp...choke...

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Jeff said...

Hi Kendra.

Control solution. I bet the guy why makes that stuff is lonelier than the Maytag repair man! And at a buck per strip, who really wants to "waste" one on anything other than a real blood test?

Hedwig and the AI? What fantastic music!! Now I have to go dig up my old soundtrack CD.

Have a great weekend, and stop by my site at www.GoDoATEST.com if you get a chance.