Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let me eat cake

So I missed blogging about Type I diabetes awareness on the appointed day...but I think I had some very real proof yesterday that I've done a good job edumacating my coworkers about Type I over the past year. It was my boss's birthday yesterday, and there was a small celebration planned for 3:00pm. Unfortunately I had an endocrinologist appointment at that time (how's that for being aware of Type I) so I missed the actual shindig. But when I got back, what was waiting for me on my desk?

A stunningly beautiful piece of chocolate cheesecake, complete with whipped cream and Oreo cookie crust.

Oh my. Oh heavens above. The deliciousness.

And you know what was even better? I didn't have to see a furrowed brow or suffer through another "Can you eat this?" inquisition.

They knew I could! (As for whether or not we all SHOULD've eaten it...well, heck. It was a birthday!) They knew about my trusty pump, they understood enough about the insulin-to-carb idea that they didn't assume no cake for Kendra. And they didn't skimp on the serving size, either. Totally awesome feeling, that one, considering I was fending off "can you eat that?" comments left and right at my baby shower this past Saturday.

I CAN eat, and I WILL eat, and I WILL have great blood sugars! Never said it would be easy, but it's wonderful to know that people are listening.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Am suffering.

Suffering from two non-diabetes friendly cravings, that is.

YUM CHA. Oh yum cha, how I love you. Even though I can't pronounce you properly and experiencing your wonders gives my husband ample opportunity to make fun of my chopstick "skills." Even though every time we go someone orders 50 varieties of shrimp dumplings which all taste pretty much the same to my white girl palate. I love them all. I even love the rice. I love the steamed buns with red sticky stuff in the middle. I love the egg custard deserts. Oh the carbs, the delicious carbs . . .

INDIAN LUNCH BUFFET. Oh Indian lunch buffet, how I love you. Your curries, your cardamom, your coriander . . . that beautiful basmati rice steaming oh-so-enticingly. I think the only dish in the entire spread that wouldn't send me spiking higher than the Himalayas is the Tandoori chicken!