Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chronic Illness, as told by the spoons

G'wan and read The Spoon Theory.

I don't have lupus, but this rang true for me in many ways. Great analogy...I'm going to have to tell someone to be thankful I'm spending a spoon on them next time they get all up in mah grill.


Danae said...

Sad, and true. Fortunately I've always been a planner, so I imagine it's easier for me than for some. But I do get frustrated sometimes. Yesterday I was so psyched because I managed to paint a room in my house for several hours without going low. Mind you, I had to snack, reduce my insulin at meals, and take several long breaks. Pre-D I would have thought nothing of spending a whole day at that kind of job. I would have taken breaks when I felt like it and eaten when I was hungry. When people ask what D is like, I mostly say, "It means I have to plan every little thing I do."

Kendra said...

I am also naturally a planner, so sometimes when I complain about the loss of spontaneity I think it to myself "Aw, c'mon, you were never the wild and crazy type anyway..."

But it's true. I hate being invited out to dinner after work, realizing that I only have like...2 units of insulin left in my pump...and I forgot to bring an extra bottle of insulin to no, I can't go out to dinner. There are always little numbers and warnings in the back of my mind. Want that bagel? That's probably gonna cost you 5 units and make you feel like CRAP. But man, it has cream cheese on it!