Thursday, April 19, 2007

Diabetic stress dream

Thought some of you might get a chuckle out of this one, cos I had to laugh at myself when I woke up this morning.

Most. Annoying. Dream. EVER.

I don't remember the context or background, but I was trying to test my blood sugar and couldn't get enough blood on to the strip - I kept seeing "E-3" (don't know if that's the right error that would show for my BD Paradigm Link or what, but it's close). After I finally got enough blood to come out, it smeared around on my finger and I wasn't be able to get a confined drop to put onto the strip. 4 strips later, I finally had a nice-sized drop and I guided it toward the strip...and I put it on before the meter was ready, so I got another error. 5 wasted test strips! ULTIMATE FEELING OF DISGUST FROM SAID DIABETIC!!!

Then I woke up! ":D"


Scott K. Johnson said...



julia said...

Heh. E3 is the BD error message, yeah.

I've had dreams where I can't get enough blood out of O's fingers. Drives me batty. Especially because half the time, I only think I'm dreaming. Turns out, I'm doing a night check.

TDavis said...

Hi Kendra,
I'm a newly diagnosed, twenty-something (almost 30-gasp!), T1 and I stumbled on your blog via Diabetes Mine. Just had to say that I glanced at your dream blog...great idea. I'm a big dreamer; I dream every night and they're always so vivid. I'm not one of those who forgets my dreams...I can typically remember them very well. Anyway, it's nice to meet other T1's and read about our common struggles, funny stories, etc.

Kendra said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your diagnosis but glad you are finding some support online! :) The dream blog is actually a group blog that was my friend's's not very active these days now that we're all working full time! I don't think we sleep much. ;)