Friday, May 25, 2007

Uppin' ze droogs

So I recently changed my basal rates AND my carb ratios. I always feel kinda weird when I have to increase my insulin intake, and there's been no discernable difference in diet or exercise habits. I think the scariest/most frustrating type of diabetes to be saddled with would be "Type 1.5" where you not only make no insulin, but are also extremely resistant to any insulin you take. I know I'm not Type 1.5, but I guess it's a part of life that at different times and places I am going to need to make some changes to my insulin regime.

Back when I first got on the pump I was on a .55/hr overnight rate, with .65/hr during the day. What's funny is, that was about half the number of units of Lantus that I had been on for my first two years as a diabetic. I self-adjusted my basals over the years, eventually adding in a jump to .75/hr in the wee am hours to combat the dreaded dawn phenomenon.

Recently I've gone to .70/hr for my late morning to mid-afternoon. Then I jump to .75/hr. Then from 12am to 4am I'm at .70/hr again. Then from 4 to 6 I'm at .95/hr. Then from 7 to 10, back to .75/hr. I've never done a basal rate test, but for the most part this seems to be working. I could probably stand to extend the .95 out another hour or two in either direction in fact . . . Overall it's only 17.8 units a day, still about half of the typical Lantus shot I used to take.

Yesterday I changed my i:c ratios from 1:9 to 1:8. When I was first diagnosed I was getting away with 1:15. Then it went to 1:12. Then 1:10...I'll have to start multiplying instead of dividing soon, it feels like!

Maybe this is the reason for the highs I was bitching about before. It just seemed kinda sudden is all...

I wish diabetes was as scientific and predictable as doctors and pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe. Yeah, I should do a basal rate test and really pin things down to a tee. I can't shake the feeling that half of diabetes management is intuition, though. An art, if you will!

Current blood sugar: 184. ACT-bolus-manual bolus-normal bolus-1.5-ACT!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I too agree that it is a lot of intuition. Sometimes we just know what we have to do!

Bernard said...

Hi Kendra.

What I find so hard is deciding whether the basal rates need changing. I hate having to starve myself for parts of the day just to see if my levels stay the same.

This is one place where I think the Dexcom has helped me. Getting a level line when my basals are correct is wonderful positive feedback.

Kendra said...

The more I read about folks and their Dexcoms, the more I wish I had just bought the darn thing. Must....wait...for...purple...Dexcom....(or other worthwhile flashy future feature!)