Friday, June 8, 2007

Oh, vending machine.

Diabetic forgot her breakfast today in the mad rush out of the door!

So now it's a choice. Skip breakfast and try to hold out until lunch? Risk grumbly stomach, hunger pangs*, and hypoglycemia? Nah that sucks.

Visit vending machine? I generally consider vending machines my friends, as they are full of all sorts of sucrose-filled joy. Perfect for treating that late afternoon 47. This morning, not so friendly. Breakfast materials enclosed within: cinnamon swirl iced pop-tarts. Total carbs: 69g. Shit. I haven't had a pop-tart (unless I was low) in years.

I went for the pop-tarts, despite the fact that my 89 mg/dl was screaming at me. "I AM PERFECT, WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHYYYYYYYY?"

I'll check my sugar level in another 30 min. Hope I didn't totally screw myself.

* I am a total wuss about hunger pangs these days. I'm so rarely hungry anymore, what with the balanced meals and the hypoglycemia induced snacking, that when I feel empty stomach pains I am simultaneously mystified and incredibly put-out. Used to be that I was a breakfast skipper. Sometimes a breakfast AND lunch skipper. Not anymore!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Well, on the bright side, at least you know exactly (well, +/- 20% I guess) how many carbs were in there! Ahh, the beauty of packaged food...

Kendra said...

This is true, good point! +/- 20% on the carb count, +/- 35% or so on the blood sugar reading . . . yeah, this disease is definitely pseudoscience! :D

Also, I was 133 2 hours after the pop-tart experiment. Not too shabby!

TDavis said...

Wow...133 after Pop that's impressive. I may have to try this Pop Tart experiment thing...frosted strawberry. Mmmmmm. :)