Thursday, July 5, 2007


Is it possible to have a breakdown in your 20's? Mid-life crisis, except not in the middle of your life? I think that so far, my 20's have been far more trying and terrifying and exciting than my teens. And I can't imagine being more confused in my 40's (please god no...if I'm still THIS befuddled in 25 years, put me out of my misery).

More on this later. No worries, I'm not depressed. ":D" <-- See?


..M.. said...

Kendra, Just wanted to see if you're ok... it's been very quiet around here! Totally understand if you're just taking time out, but if you can, come let us know how you're doing :)

Kendra said...

Hey, thanks for checking up! I am less than a week away from my "wedding" and am FREAKING OUT! :D I'll be back to normal..sometime..