Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let me eat cake

So I missed blogging about Type I diabetes awareness on the appointed day...but I think I had some very real proof yesterday that I've done a good job edumacating my coworkers about Type I over the past year. It was my boss's birthday yesterday, and there was a small celebration planned for 3:00pm. Unfortunately I had an endocrinologist appointment at that time (how's that for being aware of Type I) so I missed the actual shindig. But when I got back, what was waiting for me on my desk?

A stunningly beautiful piece of chocolate cheesecake, complete with whipped cream and Oreo cookie crust.

Oh my. Oh heavens above. The deliciousness.

And you know what was even better? I didn't have to see a furrowed brow or suffer through another "Can you eat this?" inquisition.

They knew I could! (As for whether or not we all SHOULD've eaten it...well, heck. It was a birthday!) They knew about my trusty pump, they understood enough about the insulin-to-carb idea that they didn't assume no cake for Kendra. And they didn't skimp on the serving size, either. Totally awesome feeling, that one, considering I was fending off "can you eat that?" comments left and right at my baby shower this past Saturday.

I CAN eat, and I WILL eat, and I WILL have great blood sugars! Never said it would be easy, but it's wonderful to know that people are listening.


Anonymous said...

I do need to say though that there are people (myself) that can not just eat anything. Infact eating a piece of cake throws my numbers SO off that I've been instructed not to eat anything that sweet. So again, I totally understand what you are saying when people are always on you asking if you should or can be eating that but I've had to learn to simply not eat it due to the fact that it REALLY messes me up. But good for you girl, eat that cake!


Kendra said...

I understand where you're coming from, Emma. There are a few foods my coworkers know I actively avoid, despite the office being bombarded with them - namely, my arch-nemesis the bagel, runners up pizza and Chinese take-out. "Sweet" to me doesn't equal "problem," but I do acknowledge the fact that carbs in all their many flavors and forms throw us for a loop. Just depends on which particular food and which particular person with diabetes you're talking about!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Nice! I'm drooling a bit just thinking about something like that...