Friday, March 21, 2008

Officially harder.

Yep, okay, now diabetes is starting to suck. Or rather, my body's reaction to insulin is starting to suck. I may have to start making some diet changes (don't wanna) or figuring out trickier ways of dosing to get the post-prandials that my doctors -- and I -- want to see (more likely).

I'm in the third trimester. (FREAK OUT, no wait, WOOHOO, no wait, FREAK OUT, no wait, I'm tired.) Here's how things are going for me on a typical day:

Fasting blood sugar: Today, it was 72. FINALLY. That's after a week of steadily raising my basal rate overnight. The rest of the week? It was anywhere from 170 (ouch) to 85.

Breakfast: Yogurt and a piece of fruit, usually about 40g carbs. My I:C ratio is 1:5 right now. That works great for post-prandials, but sends me low by 11:00am. Good thing 11:00 = lunchtime. I still have to have a small snack, though, or I'll be feeling jittery.

Lunch: Usually about 75g carbs. 1:7 for my insulin, but ditto the lows by late afternoon. I don't mind eating all day to fight off the lows, but I wish I didn't feel like I have to. Messing with my basal doesn't seem to help, and messing with the I:C ratio means I'll be high at 1.5 or 2 hours post.

Dinner: Trying to cut back on carbs here, because although my 1 or 2 hour numbers look great...those 3, 4, and 5 hours? Those suck. I'll be 85 at 2 hours and 160 at 3. Or 100 at 1 hour and 200 at 4. Or 47 at 1 hour and 60 at 2 hours and then 150 at 2 am. What the. Doesn't seem to matter if I eat low fat or high fat, so I'm guessing it's a basal issue (and of course overbolusing into a low never helps when it comes to rebound highs). I'm steadily raising the evening basal here, but I may need to start doing a temp basal of 120% or so after I eat to nip the highs hours later in the bud.

Overnight: Yeah, see dinner. I've gotten up at 1, 2, and 4 am on different days of the week to see what's going on...I'm around 100-140 overnight, which isn't acceptable.

My basal needs changed FAST, guys. And I feel like I'll have just gotten it figured out for a week and it'll change again, no doubt. Argh!


Anonymous said...

i'm a new time reader of your blog as well as a type 1 diabetic. i have to say that i can only dream of getting a 5.6 on my A1C. infact i can only dream of getting a 6.6. for about two years after i was diagnosed with diabetes my A1C's where constantly running from 10 - 12. my doctor and i couldnt really figure it all out. now for the past three years or so i've been running WAY better numbers than that but i still can seem to get any lower than a 7. Your numbers simply stike in into awe. good job


Kendra said...

Hey Emma! Trust me, I'm shocked as well - but I hear that it is common to run lower A1Cs when you are pregnant. (Probably because of increased blood volume? I am not sure, to be honest.)

I usually run 6.5 when not pregnant, pretty consistently. An A1C of 7 is a great accomplishment; you should be proud of yourself, too!

Anonymous said...

Yes I am proud that I can get to a seven but to be honest it is a little discouraging. When I was first diagnosed they were telling me that if I could get bellow eight then that would be perfect now the goal is to get to a seix or lowing. So much fun!(note sarcasm)


Kendra said...

Yep, things are always changing...especially with diabetes.