Thursday, February 22, 2007

Two posts in one day, holy moly.

Can ya tell it's a "non-chargeable" day at work? :)

Inspired by someone else's blog entry about avoiding sweet foods...I present to you...

The List of Foods Kendra Almost Never Eats Unless She Wants A 250+ or a 40 Two Hours Later
  • Pizza (Admittedly, I eat this at least once a month. Yes, I know, dual wave bolus. Still haven't nailed it down though.)
  • Bagels (With cream cheese, without cream cheese. It does not matter. Devil food.)
  • Doughnuts
  • Anything pastry from Starbucks
  • Hamburger and fries (Sometimes I get this right. But not enough to make me feel good about it.)
  • Chinese (Kinda like the hamburger and fries. You never can tell from dish to dish, restaurant to restaurant, rice serving to rice serving...)
The List of Foods Kendra Almost Never Eats Because They Just Ain't Worth the Carbs
  • Non-diet sodas (Don't miss them.)
  • Hard candies (Usually. Chocolate is its own food group and is excluded from "candy.")
  • Cheap sweets - Sports drinks, slushies, wafer cookies, pop tarts, all that stuff that is sweet and you eat cos it's there but you're not sure if you really liked it in the first place.
The List of Foods Kendra Eats Even Though Diabetics "Aren't Allowed" to Eat Them
  • Cookies (I am a cookie monster.)
  • Desserts in general (In moderation of course. Includes pudding, cake, ice cream, pie, cobbler, chocolate, sorbet, fruit salad, etc etc etc)

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