Monday, January 15, 2007


That's what I have in mind here, for this blog. Oh no, I am a blogger now! I have a history of being sporadic with my journals. First it was a diary with gold-edged pages and a broken lock. Then it was, then it was Maybe I stop writing in them because I outgrow the me that was on those early pages - you know, you look back on those first entries with the not-so-appreciative wince . . .

I hope this doesn't happen this time. As far as I know, Blogger is pretty stable. As far as I know, my diabetes is here to stay. That's what this blog is supposed to be about. Yeah, I know, diabetes isn't the end all and be all of my existence. But it's a stranger that's come into my life and that influences me more intimately than anything else in my life. I didn't choose to associate with this thing, but here I am - we share my BLOOD.

My goals are:
  • to use this blog as a personal diary of my diabetic story, because we all need to vent/whine/cry/rejoice/ponder sometimes
  • to use this blog as goal record. If I type it here, I want to do it, whether it's getting my A1C below 6.5 or eating a cookie and keeping my postprandial numbers in check.
  • to use this blog to explore the diabetes community and advancements in diabetes research
  • to crap on a bit in general.
Even though I trudge on daily with my personal diabetes, and it's largely a lonely journey, I'm hoping that this blog might provide some personal insight for myself and other concerning not only my story but the stories of other diabetics (people with diabetes, whatev). That's the best part about finding these communities and blogs - that ME TOO feeling.


Kevin said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

I hope that this blog provides you with all that you are hoping for. I know that my blog has done tremendous things for me. Accountability, Community, Creativity, to name just a few.

I'll add you to the ever growing list of blogs that I (try to) follow.

Bernard said...


I don't know how I missed your blog up till now. Welcome to the D-blogosphere. I'm going to add you to my blogroll so I can see how you're doing.

Kendra said...

Cool, thanks! :D